Issue 81 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 81

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  1. Sissy Goes Tiny
    Authors Becky Flansburg and BA Norrgard are introducing a wonderful children's book about 8-year-old Sissy and her new adventures as a tiny house kid.
  2. The Harris Crew's Floating Home
    Meet the Harris family. This Canadian family of five has given up the land life for the open seas and are loving (and learning) every minute!
  3. Making Tiny Possible
    This article covers the basics of housing construction including an overview of existing classifications, where tiny homes on foundations fit in, and what's required to bring forth a formality that makes it possible to build and live in a permanent or portable tiny home.
  4. Kristin's Wayward Home
    Why have one tiny house when you can have two? Kristin Hanes of The Wayward Home blog (and Tiny House Blog contributor) has found an ingenious way to not only live tiny, but to do it in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.
  5. Wheelin' It With The Goat
    Artist turned sheep wagon builder turned bicycle rider Rebecca Vader sets off on an amazing adventure on her bike, peddling even closer to her dreams for herself.