Issue 87 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 87

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  1. The Fainting Goat
    Yestermorrow helps a veteran create a mobile tap house. Army National Guardsman Caitlin Purinton studied at Yestermorrow and built out her idea for a business and a tiny house.
  2. Tiny Home Community Development
    While tiny home communities offer advantages to tiny home owners, community developers, and local municipalities, developers frequently face opposition when requesting use of established dwelling types in new forms of land use.
  3. Let's Build A Shower
    Who doesn't like to stay clean and fresh? Living off-grid shouldn't hinder your hygiene. Tiny house owner Laura LaVoie walks us through her solution.
  4. Someone Has More Than You. Get Used To It.
    There is always going to be someone in the world with more than you and trying to keep up with them is a losing battle. Because there will always be someone else ahead of you in the game.
  5. 6 Steps To Simplifying Your Kids Space To Encourage Mental And Emotional Health
    Author Brynn Burger returns with an extreme parenting article on the importance of creating a positive space for your children.