Issue 92 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 92

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  1. Beating The Heat In A Tiny House
    There is nothing worse than lying up in your sleeping loft blanketed with sweat because your tiny house was built sans air conditioning. What can you do? Author Laura LaVoie lets us in on some of her tips.
  2. It's The Journey Not The Destination
    Was this journey worth it? Absolutely! Thanks to tiny house living I have two beautiful children who spent their lives in a non-toxic tiny home. We are living in paradise, doing the activities we love.
  3. Egg Man: Freedom Tour 2
    Rebecca Noel has lived in a sheepherders wagon, a tiny house, an artist loft, on a bicycle, and now in an adventure van. Check out her latest Freedom Tour with the Egg Man!
  4. The Underappreciated Joy of Keeping Your Tastes Simple
    My tastes, overall, are quite simple. I own a 2005 Honda Accord, I wear a black V-neck t-shirt purchased at the local outlet mall, my tennis racket is 20 years old, I order black coffee at coffee shops, and my hair products (a topic of much conversation on YouTube) are bought off the shelf at Target.
  5. Avoid The Store. Ship To Door.
    Are you addicted to ordering online? Does Amazon have your address in their Contacts List? Perhaps it's time to break the habit. Author Meghan Marsden offers great insight into the bad boy love affair you just can't seem to let go of.