Issue 93 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 93

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  1. 3 Profitable Ways To Make Money With Tiny Houses
    Everyone wants to make money. Why not turn your love for tiny houses into generated revenue? Popular investors Marek and Ko Bush talk about how you can make money with tiny houses!
  2. The Right And Wrong Ways To Ask For A Tiny House Tour
    So how can you see a tiny home if you're interested in learning more before taking the leap yourself? Here are some dos and don'ts that I recommend when approaching a tiny home owner to ask about a visit.
  3. Behind Closed Doors
    Brenda Mason-Parmalee is back with another of her adventures. This time it involves a door handle, a chain, and a sliding window.
  4. Helpful Household Handbooks
    If you're a host, or thinking of taking on that role, what exactly goes into that magic, tiny, expectation setting, rule outlining, tour guiding book?
  5. Minimalist At Heart
    Chris Strathy, the Capable Carpenter, is one of the most unconventional builders out there. However, no matter what he is working on it is always from a place of less is more.