Issue 94 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 94

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  1. It�s Not About The Tiny House
    For many, a tiny house or THOW has served more as a stepping stone or even a ground zero of sorts that allows for some life-changing lessons. Read as Macy Miller describes her family's adventures with tiny house living.
  2. 8 Serious Tiny House Nightmares
    While tiny house enthusiasts will talk a lot about the benefits of going tiny, there are plenty of concerns about the lifestyle as well.
  3. Me Then and Us Now
    No one ever said merging two lives into one would be easy. Just ask regular contributor Brenda Mason-Parmalee. She is becoming an expert on making every inch count for a party of two.
  4. Tiny House Pros and Not-So-Tiny Cons - Can We Talk Truth?
    The tiny-house lifestyle makes good financial and environmental sense. Still, before you convert your paper books to digital, donate your porcelain puppy collection, pare down your wardrobe, and hit the open road we should talk.
  5. Tiny Houses Price and Value. Is It Worth It?
    Brynn Burger takes a look at the rising prices of tiny houses over the past few years and if they are worth the investment. You may be shocked to find out how much a tiny house once cost to build!