Issue 95 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 95

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  1. Creative Wood Storage for Tiny Spaces
    It is one thing to have a wood burning stove. It is quite another to have a stylish place to stow your wood. The examples in this article take storage to new heights!
  2. These Tiny House Rules Are Made To Be Broken
    I encourage you to explore your own intuition and go with it! I want to tell you about some of these rules I see that I broke and let you know how it's been working out for me.
  3. Getting Up and Getting Out
    Sometimes you don't want to live in a tiny house but you want to experience life in a small space. Enter the travel trailer.
  4. 10 Things NOT to Declutter First
    Without a doubt, the most common mistake I see people make on their journey to a minimalist life is to start decluttering in the wrong place. Too often, we choose a difficult first step, rather than an easy one.
  5. Innovation. Re-Imagination. Pre-Fab Modular Tiny House
    Vina Lustado is known for her style and clever design. She is now applying that discipline toward a pre-fab modular tiny home that may revolutionize the tiny house landscape.