Issue 96 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 96

A Gift for You to End 2021

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  1. 3 Questions To Ask A Designer
    Designing a tiny house is not for the faint of heart. There are so many tiny details that go into intelligent design. Johanna Elsner of Perch & Nest offers some great tips to designing your tiny house.
  2. The Gift of Salvage
    Start collecting! Don't look at a pile and disregard it because it isn't a finished product. Look at it more abstractly; a piece of a puzzle.
  3. Landscape Diaries - Bring On The Frost
    Gardening is not always a four-season sport. But to tiny houser Ariel McGlothin the addition of some hoops and cloth have helped her make it so
  4. Shed To Home in thirty days
    On a lark, we visited an Amish shed builder. I'd heard of built-out sheds, sometimes known as shabins, but I'd never been inside one.
  5. Running Hot Or Cold
    Builder Chris Schapdick has created several incredible tiny house on wheels. He has walked through each step multiple times and now debunks some myths on insulation and keeping your house both warm and cool.