Issue 11 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 11

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  1. Home Skooliie 101
    Fitting six people into a Skoolie has been a fun challenge. As we designed the layout of the bus, we tried to keep our kids in mind.
  2. Design For Living
    There is less space in a tiny house to actually commit to solid organizing. Right? WRONG! What there is is more of a challenge to overcome.
  3. Tiny House Do It Yourself Ethos: From Repair to Invention
    In this issue I decided to share my experience of applying the DIY ethos, beyond repair, to inventing a new tool for my needs.
  4. Tiny Home Giant Journey
    I'm 27. I have no house, no retirement, and a pathetic savings account. And I'm the norm.
  5. How to Stage Your Home for Living
    I am 38 years old. And I have lived in 16 different homes.