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Issue 130

Tiny House Magazine Issue 130

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  1. Does It Really Matter[port]?
    What is the advantage of 3-D technology in the tiny house world? Do the videos enhance a tour of the home? Find out with Ava Elsner of Perch & Nest Tiny Farm.
  2. Fortitude
    Macy Miller and her partner, James, take on yet another adventure. This time it is on the education front. Macy writes about their foray into the homeschool world.
  3. Wheels of Solitude
    What if you had no choice but to call a van or vehicle “home?” Would the lifestyle remain appealing or would it seem like a prison sentence on wheels?
  4. Road Warrior
    Christina and her husband recently saw a ZoomRoom on the back of a Ford F250 while traveling across Nevada last August. This was a small and compact sleeping pod/camper.

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