Issue 15 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 15

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  1. Tiny House Wall Finish Options
    Many of the interior wall finishes available for standard construction are also viable options for a tiny house built on wheels.
  2. New Ideas. New Style.New Zealand.
    I'm not one to overthink things. It's sort of a blessing and a curse. Therefore, our decision to build a tiny house followed suit.
  3. The Sense and Sensibility of Tiny House Living
    It seems at first glance, that all the perceived benefits of a Tiny lifestyle still don't outweigh the perceived loss of whatever we value.
  4. Living In The Present
    Building a tiny house is as easy as any project, right? Perhaps so. Perhaps not.
  5. 9 Stress-Reducing Truths About Money
    Money won't make you happy, but everybody wants to find out for themselves. ~Zig Ziglar